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The magical town of Tequila has  a wide range of activities to explore. Kindly contact us at in advance to arrange tours & request pricing.


Hike 'Los Azules' Waterfall

Duration: 3h

Hike down into the Tequila Canyon and arrive at the 'Los Azules' waterfalls that flows with volcanic spring water from 'El Volcan de Tequila'. During the guided tour, you will be in direct contact with the nature and will be able to enjoy the spectacular scenery. Please come prepared for a hike, we recommend bringing a bathing suit.


Tequila Town Walking Tour

Duration: 2h


Discover the Magical Town of Tequila, a UNESCO heritage site and the birthplace of the world famous spirit which bears the same name. During the tour, you will learn about the history and landmarks of the town while enjoying a traditional tequila cocktail favored by locals, El Cantarito!

Hike Los Azules Waterfall
Tequila Town Walking Tour
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