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El Tequileño Tequila

Located adjacent to the hotel is the La Guarreña Distillery, the exclusive home to Mexico’s best kept secret, El Tequileño tequila.

El Tequileño, pronounced “El Tek-Eh-lane-yo,” is an iconic and award winning tequila producer that singularly focuses on craft and quality. El Tequileño was founded in 1959 by the legendary tequila industry pioneer, Don Jorge Salles Cuervo. The family’s legacy continues to this day and is overseen by third generation master distiller, Jorge Antonio Salles. The knowledge and expertise passed through the generations ensures only the finest quality tequila is produced to this day; every drop is a celebration of passion and heritage.

El Tequileño is rated #3 top distillery on


Born in the Highlands, made in Tequila

The agave used for El Tequileño comes from the Los Altos region of Jalisco — a four hour truck ride away — where it is regarded as the premium growing region for the Blue Agave. The clay like red soil produces agave with more floral & fruity notes that yields a naturally higher sugar content. Despite the  arduous journey, Don Jorge always felt there was no shortcut to making the best tequila

The agave is blended with the pure natural spring water straight from the Volcán de Tequila to create a fine tequila with exceptional taste.


The Tequila Collection

The El Tequileño range includes expressions such as the award-winning Platinum to the unique and limited Reposado Rare, aged for 6 years, a world’s first .

There is something for every palate.

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